Sun Shatter Stud Farm: S/Shatter

You wander about the Meadow, looking at the amazing variety of creatures. After awhile, Silvanon says, "We also have a Noriuma stud farm, or at least the begginings of one, but it's not in the Meadow. Would you like me to take you to see it?"

You give an enthusiastic yes, and Silvanon waves for you to follow her. "We call it the 'Sun Shatter Stud Farm.' Please come meet our Noriuma. You look around you and see several mini paddocks, with little equines as their occupants. For their size you'd call them ponies, but the long legs are decidely un-pony-like. Silvanon begins to introduce you to them: "That's Spring, a delightful little mare. I love her appaloosa markings. The grey is aptly named Grey. That's an applique on his hind quarters, but I think it suits him very well. Lastly is Lemon, who is very sweet despite her name."

Shatter's Spring Delight Shatter's Grey Wind Shatter's Lemon Delight

Name: Shatter's Spring Delight
Gender: Mare
ID: nori054f
Color:Chestnut appaloosa
Parents: unknown
From: Noriuma

  • tt [tail: curled]
  • Ff [forlock: Spring, none]
  • wow [wings: Mask, small]
  • eoeo [eyes: sky blue]
  • CC [colour: Chestnut]
  • Gg [gold tint: clear/tinted, saturated]
  • Dd [dilution: normal]
  • aa [appaloosa: appaloosa]
  • PP [paint: normal]
Name: Shatter's Grey Wind
Gender: Stallion
ID: nori097m
Color: Grey
Parents: Unknown
From: Noriuma
  • Tt [tail: Cascade ]
  • Ff [forlock: Spring, none]
  • Wwo [wings: None, mask]
  • Ee [eyes: Blue]
  • cc [colour: Grey]
  • Gg [gold tint: Clear/tinted, saturated]
  • Dd [dilution: Normal]
  • Aa* [appaloosa: Normal, leopard appy]
  • Pp [paint: Normal, paint]
Name: Shatter's Lemon Delight
Gender: Mare
ID: nori111f
Color: Dutch (paint) lemon palomino
Parents: Unknown
From: Noriuma

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