You notice a unique looking equinish creature standing some distance away. He is standing over a rock, and seems to be very interested in it. His head bobs as he views the rock from various angles, and every once in awhile he scuffs it with a foot. When he moves, you notice that his body glints in a way thats almost metallic.

Hidden Treasure

Name: Renst Shiou
Meaning: Hidden Treasure
ID: naa202
Gender: Male
Element: Golden Glow
Type: 2A
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Genetics: A,c
I'er: --
From: Hawkings Crest

Notes: A rare sub-Metal, this stallion can reflect the sun's rays on a clear day. Some of his stripes are markings and some are tattoos, but it's nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other. He has the mutation of wings and seems unduly interested in this rock.

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