You notice a unique looking creature standing some distance away. You immediately notice the strange tatoos running the length of her body. She moves, and you are startled to hear a clicking sound as she does so. Looking closely, you then notice the broken chain on her back leg. You move towards her, thinking to try taking the chain off. However, she seems to sense your thoughts. She shakes her head at you, and then moves away.

Hope's Breeze

Name: Soura'ial S'real
Meaning: Hope's Breeze
ID: naa173h
Gender: Female
Element: Wind
Type: 2B
Parentage: Wild x Wild
Genetics: b,b
I'er: Kaigaihen I'er
From: Hawkings Crest

Notes: A sub-Air, this mare is a member of the Kaigaihen, the mysterious healer class. From her quest she returned with the strange tattoos around her eyes and the broken chain around her right hind. They do not discuss this quest with others, and no Naa will ever inquire about it. The Kaigaihen cannot refuse a question, quest, or favour; they are bound to service to others.


Healing Wind -- Cures small wounds and injuries.

Purifying Breeze -- Can cure almost any sort of poison or infection once a day.

Dampen -- Dampens emotions of those around her, limited to immediate area, no more than 10 feet in all directions.

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