A strange dragon creature passes by you. He radiates a dark glow, and you step back. He glances at you out of the corner of one eye, and his head gives an angry jerk when he sees your reaction. He turns away from you, the picture of an arrogant loner, though somehow you sense that you may have hurt his feelings.

Going further, you come upon a strange pair this time. One is a large anthropomorphic dinosaur-looking creature. She is reading a hefty looking book bound in a fancy leather cover with gold inlay. Her companion is a brightly colored draconic creature. He is reading over his friend's shoulder, although he looks a little bored with the activity. You blink, and he disappears. Suddenly the book flips out of his friend's hands. "Servalith!" she cries out.

"Maj, I'm bored. Let's play something else!" You hear thumping sounds that seem to indicate Servalith is jumping around with high energy. Maj shakes her head and pretends to be annoyed, but you notice a small small hidden around her mouth.

You continue on, and encounter another strange dragon. Two heads consider you briefly, but she apparently finds you beneath her. She gives a haughty turn and presents you with her tail end. "Guess she doesn't want to talk," you comment to yourself, somewhat ammused.

A littler further on, you encounter a second pair. "Or is it trio," you wonder, looking at the dragon's pair of heads. The dragon eyes you in a reserved manner that tells you this one doesn't want to talk, either. His companion, another anthropomorphic dinosaur, notices him looking and turns to scowl at you. Yup, not a friendly pair, you decide.

Name: Shuueki
Type: 'Chaos of Color' dragon
Species: Hybrid Catdragon
ID: Wave 2, Clutch 8, #20
Gender: Male
Color: Storm, Purple and Black
Parents: Oracle and Tenka
Abilities: Invisibility, Intangibility, Verbal Speech, Teleportation, See the Invisible, Telepathy, Poisonous bite, Wall-climbing, Create Lightning spiders, Call Ligntning
Height: 13'
Length: 45'
Personality: independent, in doubt, desperate
Name: Servalith
Type: 'Chaos of Color' dragon
Species: Old World/Catdragon Hybrid
ID: Wave 2, Clutch 12, #17
Gender: Male
Color: Purple-Marked Lavender
Parents: Smoneusoi and Cukonirith
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Telepathy, Fire Breath, Sphere of Invisibility, Teleportation, Shapeshifting (Human, Fishing Cat, Marmoset)
Height: 19'
Length: 41'
Personality: strange, funny, weird, aggressive

Bond Name: Maj Niduuti
Bond Description: female anthro brontosaurus with Grass Green-marked dark gray scales and soulful medium White eyes.
Bond Personality: eager to learn, studious, rich

Name: Void Stealing of the Thunder
Type: 'Chaos of Color' dragon
Species: Lesser Kyneese/Whorling/Silshar/Xeno-hathian Hybrid
ID: Wave 2, Clutch 14, #18
Gender: Female
Color: Purple, Marroon and Black
Parents: Star Oblivion of the Horizon and Srideag
Abilities: Teleportation, Telepathy (Words, Color & Emotion-Based), Verbal Speech, Call Lightning, Fire Blast Breath Weapon, Mystic Illusion, Empathy
Height: 19'
Lenth: 55'
Personality: heartless, conceited, arrogant, smug, vain
Name: Dovaputh
Type: 'Chaos of Color' dragon
Species: Wyld (Azon/Denner/Cy/Ryslen/Old World) Mutt
ID: Wave 2, Clutch 16, #16
Gender: Male
Color: Fushia-Purple Clouded
Parents: Kumers and Ovoeunth
Abilities: Night-Vision, Summon Poisonous Berry Shrubs (2), Teleportation, Telepathy, x-ray vision, Assisted Fire Breathing, See Invisible
Height: 13'
Length: 47'
Personality: closed, reserved, reliable

Bond Name: Yveigi Eciapadito
Bond Description: male anthro pteradactyl with dark
Lemon Yellow-marked medium White scales and curious medium Blue Slate eyes.
Bond Personality: angry, careful

These creatures are from The EverRealm

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