Whorlings & Wynd of Change

There's a ghost looking at you....she's surrounded by a pair of felines, and a very intelligent-looking rat. Wow, makes you feel like Halloween all over again.

Shi'of'oo Beowin Pasha North

Name: Shi'of'oo
Species: Wynd of Change
Gender: Female

Notes:The name is all she can remember of her name when she was alive. She lived a life of abuse at the hands of humans, but near the end some other humans tried to save her, so she died knowing human kindness as well.

She has become a guardian spirit of sorts, she can sense intentions, and won't let anything with evil intentions around her chosen dynce.

She is considered 'undead', and is not breedable, but is ultimate fusable.

Name: Beowin
Species: Feline Whorling
Gender: Male
Name: Pasha
Species: Feline Whorling
Gender: Female
Name: North
Species: Random Whorling
Gender: Male

These creatures are from The EverRealm

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