Felines & Equines

Something rubs against your legs. The something begins purring loudly. It rattles your bones to have it rumbling as it leans into you. Looking down, you see a spectacularly colored cat. "Meet Starshine and Autumn, hunter cats," Silvanon says. The pair look up at you, all innocence.


Suddenly Starshine lets out a yowl. You jump and look around for the cause of the commotion, and see another felinish creature who currently has Starshine's tail clamped in her jaws. She lets go and, with a mischievious grin, takes off. Starshine immediately pursues her, and soon the two have disappeared out of sight.


"What was that?" you ask, bemused. "Tino, a Mequis, and a friend of Starshine's though you might not have been able to tell," Silvanon responds. "Ah," you say, at a loss for further words. You are about to move on, when you catch sight of the pair of friends again. They are now perched on the back of an equine, who is cantering in your direction. "And there's the third part of the trio," Silvanon comments. "The three of them arrived here the same day, and they've been fast friends ever since. Meet Asham." The equine has come to a halt right in front of you.


These creatures are all from Everrealm.

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