Morrak's Qanul

First Meeting

You enter a largish cave. It is decorated like you've come to expect, with one side given over to a large dragon couch, and the other decorated with human furnishings, including shelves, a desk, and several chairs. You notice that the chairs are backless, but don't take time to think that odd. There are several rugs here and there in the room, both on the ground and on the walls. Several of them depict a life forms you don't quite recognize. It must have been an imaginative artist who created them. You've just about decided that the cave is empty, when a small blue form detaches itself from the shadows.

You quickly recognize the creature as a very young dragon. You know that the dragons of the meadow are friendly, so you feel no fear. It makes its slow and clumsy way toward you. You kneel down when it reaches you, and it butts its head against your leg. You reach to give it a scratch.

Just then you hear the footsteps of a two-footed creature. You turn, expecting to see the dragon's human companion. A shock runs through you as you take in green skin, scales, tail, and protruding muzzle. A second shock runs through you as the creature extends a hand to you and says pleasantly, "Hi, my name is Morrak, and I see you've already met my dragon, Anyad."

"Uh, what are you?" you ask, surprise making you tactless. You flush a bit when you realize you've been rude, but Morrak doesn't take offense.

"I'm a drahan," he replies. When you still look confused, he continues. "Part human, part gargoyal."

Part human? Well, his eyes are purple, but they do carry human expression in them, and his black shock of hair on top isn't reptilian either. He walks like a human, too, you note.

Morrak gestures to his dragon. "We're from Dragkon. Anyad here was hatched in The First Qanul."

Suddenly you both notice that the little dragon is curled up at your feet, fast asleep. "I think I'd better go," you whisper. Morrak nods, and waves to you as you exit the cave.

A While Latter...

You are in the area again a while later, and decide to drop in on Morrak and Anyad. As you enter the Qanal, you are accosted by a largish if young blue dragon. With a thump you land on your back with the hatchling on top of you. As you lie there panting, you suddenly recoginze Anyad. Anyad narrows his eyes and stares at you disapprovingly. Apparently he doesn't remember you. Despite yourself, a small wimper escapes your lips.

Suddenly Anyad's expression changes. His jaw drops in a draconic grin, and he steps off you. As he walks off a few paces, you hear in your mind the distict words. "Gotcha!" Anyad seems immensely pleased with himself.

Why isn't Morrak here? you wonder crossly, thinking you could have been saved this embaresment. Just then you hear the pounding of feet outside. Morrak bursts into the Qanul and slides to a halt in front of you. He sees your expression and groans. "I've been trying to teach Anyad how rude it is to terrorize visitors. He hasn't quite caught on yet. He's very young, you know." Morrak turns to Anyad. "Anyad! Come appologize."

Anyad trundles over. "Sorry," he says. To your surprise, he sounds sincere. Perhaps he just needs a little more time to grow up, after all.

A While Later....

Your visit to the meadow is almost over, but you find that you have just a few minutes left. After brief consideration, you decide to visit Morrak and Anyad again. You carefully poke your head inside the door, mindful of what happened last time. You immediately spot Anyad, and to your relief Morrak is there beside him. You immediately note that Anyad has grown.

"Hello!" you call out.

"Hello!" replies Morrak, and he smiles. "It's good to see you, friend." Anyad apparently shares his feelings. He wriggles free of Morrak and bounds towards you. Unlike last time, he slows as he reaches you. He stops and pushes his head under your hands. Feeling bemused, you gently scratch the soft skin. Anyad hums softly.

"Well, you're certaintly coming along," you say to him. You chat with Morrak until you hear your name being called outside. "There's my ride," you say. "It's been nice to visit. I'll drop in again next time I'm here!"

Another Visit...

You peek your head inside the qanul door. You blink and think there must be something wrong with your eyes. No, there isn't. Anyad has gotten huge!

"I see you've had a growth spurt," you tell him wryly.

Anyad looks at you with quiet dignity. On an impulse, you offer him a piece of yevver fruit you brought from the orchard. He takes it carefully, and gives you a brief nuzzle of thanks. You smile happily. A moment later Anyad lifts his head and looks towards the door, and you see Morrak coming in.

"Oh, hello again!" he says cheerfully.

"Having a good day?" you ask politely.

"Yup!" replies Morrak happily. "Anyad here is almost done growing, and we get to start flying lessons today. As you can tell, I'm quite excited." Anyad begins to look a bit long suffering, and Morrak laughingly continues. "Anyad here doesn't see what all the excitement is about. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but we do have practice to get to!"

You all exit the qanul, and you wave goodbye to the pair.

Time Passes...

And you eventually find yourself back in the qanul. Hum, it seems a funny shape all of a sudden. It's awfully dark in here. Where'd the dragon couch go? Ack! It's not a wall, it's Anyad!

Anyad stands up, and light suddenly floods in from the window he'd been blocking. Anyad notices you blinking, and gives you a breif nuzzel of encouragement. You reach out a still-slightly-shaking hand and give him a pat. "You are really big, you know that?" you tell him. It's not that you're scared, you're just in shock, you realize.

You hear an amused laugh from behind you. You turn and see Morrak attempting to smother another laugh. "Well, he started out small," you say in annoyance.

Morrack pats you on the back and says, "That's okay. I don't think even Anyad knew he would grow so large. It's still funny to see the reactions of people who haven't seen him for awhile, though."

At this point Anyad attempts to nose through your pockets. It nearly knocks you over. You make a quick guess at what he's after, and pull out a yever. He eats it, the pit crunching noisily, and you back off a few steps. Morrak pulls out a chair, and you gratefully sit down.

After a few attempts, Morrak manages to engage you in conversation. He deftly pulls out of you the stories of your recent travels, and after awhile the bulk of Anyad seems mearly normal. When it's time to go, you wave a cheerful goodbye to the pair.

Name: Anyad
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breed: Dragkonian Dragon
Type: Chaos Blue
Looks to: Morrak
Mother: Ralian
Father: Malian
Siblings: Clutch One
Mate: Not yet.
Children: Uh...
From: The First Qanul

Name: Morrak
Age: 20?
Gender: Male
Breed: Drahan
Skin: Green & scally
Eyes: Deep Purple
Hair: Black
Mother: He didn't say.
Father: Ditto.
Siblings: Same.

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