Miritha and Xellan

You notice a beautiful purple griffon off to one side of the meadow. You begin to move towards her, but she suddenly rushes towards you and you freeze. You are about to break and run when she slides to a halt. Her eyes glitter. "Well!" she states, or asks?

Silvanon hurries over. "Miritha," she says reproachfully. You realize that the glint in Miritha's eyes is humour and not malice.

She gives a laugh, and turns to you, very friendly now that she has had her fun. "Would you like to see Xellan?"

"Xellan?" you ask.

"A young gryphon I raised," replies Miritha, as she walks away. You obidiently follow, and soon see a large purple griffon winging about. "Xellan!" Miritha calls out.

With a start Xellan sees you. He folds his wings halfway, and comes in for a neat landing. "Greetings!" he says enthusastically. "Would you like to see some of my airial tricks?"

Miritha looks diapproving. "I'm sure our visitor has better things to do."

Xellan rolls his eyes. He leans over and whispers to you, "Aunt Miritha'd never admit it, but it scares her when I do tricks." His cheeks bunch up in a grin. "That's why I've learned so many."

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Gryphon
Color: Purple
Relations: N/A
Mate: None
Children: None
From: Gryphon Moon Adoptions.

Name: Xellan
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Gryphon
Color: Purple
Mother: Mangwanani
Father: Maskarti
Siblings: Chalys, Olyri, Goneril, Choary.
Mate: None
Children: Uh...
From: Darkhorse

Xellan's egg:

Xellan the hatchling:

Xellan the fledgling:

Xellan the Young Adult:

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