Mikeal's Weyr

First Meeting

"Ah, come in, come in!" says the young man, as he takes hold of your arm. "My name is Mikeal, and this is my weyr. Would you like a tour?" You nod, feeling a bit bemused by this enthusiastic greeting, and allow Mikeal to draw you in through the door. Mikeal brushes back a dark lock of hair and then begins to point. "There's my desk. Sorry, it's a bit messy at the moment. Through that door is my room, and beyond that is the bath. The other door over there is just a closet. I keep my riding gear in there. That's the dragon couch. I don't have a dragon just yet, but there's a hatching soon at Evala Weyr, and I'm hoping to impress." Mikeal ends his spiel and turns his blue eyes on you. "Any questions? Anything I can do for you?"

"Uh..." you say. "Not really. I'm just visiting the weyr, making the rounds."

Mikeal laughs. "That's what most visitors are doing around here. That's why I give the speech up front."

"So," you say, "what color are you hoping to impress?"

"That's not a fair question," Mikeal replies. "Everyone hopes for a high ranking dragon, of course, but it's an honour to impress at all. At least, that's how I see it."

"Oh, well yes. Sometimes someone wants a certain color because that's what his dad rides, or something like that."

"Well, I'm the son of a farmer, myself. If I do impress, I'll be the first of my line in this profession."

"I wish you good luck, then!" you say.

A Few Days Latter...

You poke your head inside, and are immediately beset by a young bronze dragon. He sniffs you all over, poking into your pockets and bumping your legs. You decide it's best to hold still..

"Tragith!" to your relief, M'keal appears in the doorway. "Tragith, quite molesting our visitor. I've got your food right here." Tragith gives you a last nudge, then trundels over to M'keal. He sighs contentedly as he begins tearing on a meat scrap. "Sorry," M'keal says ruefully. "Sometimes he gets a bit impatient about meals."

You shrug. "That's alright. Congratulations on impressing!"

M'keal grins happily. "You should have seen pa's face when I got a bronze. He was estatic! Of course, he wasn't nearly as happy as I was." M'keal gazes down tenderly at Tragith, who attempts to grab another piece of meat. "Hold on! Hold on, you glutton. You've got to finish the first piece."

You'd like to stay, but you can see that M'keal is a bit busy. "I'd better get going," you say.

"Thanks for coming," says M'keal.

A While Later...

You hike up to Mikeal's Weyr again. Cautiously you poke your head inside, but there's no Tragith here to accost you today. "Hum," you think, looking at the empty weyr, "I wonder where they could be."

Just then you hear a thump behind you, and turn to see Tragith settling down on a ledge.

He moves into the weyr, making way for Mikeal, who comes panting up the trail. He bends over for moment, trying to catch his breath. "Whew! I'm sure getting my excersize!" he says to you. Finally he straigtens, and then sees your puzzled look. He gives Tragith a friendly slap. "Gith here can feed himself now, but I can't ride him yet, so I get to spend my days running after him, while he glids about."

Tragith turns whirling eyes on his rider, who laughs. "Don't worry 'Gith. It's good for me to run a bit, and besides, you'll soon be big enough to ride." Tragith seems reassured, and settles down in his couch.


You are considering hiking up to Mikeal's weyr for a visit. Hum. You decide you will, and move purposefully towards the path. Just then you feel a tap on your shoulder. "Care for a lift?" someone says behind you. You turn, and there's Mikeal. Tragith, now a huge bronze adult, stands behind him.

"Well hello you two!" you say cheerfully. "I was just on my way to visit you."

"Well then, let us save you the hike," says Mikeal congenially.

"Okay, thanks!" you reply with a smile. Tragith helpfully cocks a forleg, as you use a convienent riding strap to pull yourself up. Once your are seated, Mikeal quickly climbs aboard, and Tragith takes off. With only a few wingbeats he ascends up to the weyr. "Wow, that was quick," you comment, as you hop of inside.

Mikeal smiles. "Dragons are so convienent."

You and Mikeal chat for a while, until you relucantly announce it's time to go.

"Don't forget to peek at the scrapbook on your way out!" calls Mikeal.

Name: Mikeal
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Parents: Farmers
Status: Bronze Rider

Name: Tragith
Age: Adult
Breed: Dragon
Color: Bronze
Gender: Male
Mother: Arinth
Father: Zeth
Siblings: 14
Mate: Nope.
Children: No.
From: Evala Weyr

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