Merrin's Spot


You are walking in the sand by the creek. It is quite warm, almost hot. Suddenly you notice a cute bronze firelizard staring up from the sand at your feet. His eyes whirl with tones of blue. He seems to want something from you, but you're not sure what. Silvanon hurries up to you, carrying a tray of meat scraps. "Here I come, Merrin, here I come!" she exclaims. As soon as Merrin catches sight of her, he leaps up to perch on her arm. Immediately he begins gobbling up pieces of meat. Silvanon laughs at his frenzied attempts to fit too much into his mouth. She turns to you and says, "Merrin can be self sufficent, but he still prefers to be fed."

Silvanon hands you a scrapbook to look at while she feeds Merrin.

Name: Merrin
Age: Adult
Breed: Firelizard
Color: Bronze
Gender: Male
Looks to: Silvanon
Mother: Facet
Father: Colandrath
Siblings: Coming
Mate: Looking...
Children: Nope.

Merrin the Juvenile:

Juvenile Merrin

Merrin the Hatchling:

Hatchling Merrin

Merrin's Egg:



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