Merlian's Place

You walk into the weyr and look around. There are several tapestries hung here and there about the room. They are set up much higher on the walls than a human would put them, though. In fact, they look more about the height a dragon would like them. As your eyes wander from the tapestries, you see that there are shelves up there too. The room also contains a very large dragon couch, which is occupied by a large white dragon.

"Oh, hello!" exclaims the dragon (letting go of her tail, which she appeares to have been nervously chewing on). "I wasn't expecting visitors."

"Did you find anyone to help out today?" inquires Silvanon.

"No,"replies the young dragon. Then she shoots a piercing glance at you. "But I have now! Our friend has a scratch!" Merlian gestures with her head towards your arm, where you do indeed have a small momento of your climb up.

Silvanon laughs. "Merlian has taken a definate intrest in the healing arts. I'm afraid she doesn't get much practice here in the meadow, though."

Merlian has been gently poking around with your arm while Silvanon says this, and when you look back at it, the scratch is gone. "Thanks," you say.

Merlian ducks her head in a draconic blush. "Would you like to see the scrapbook?" ask Silvanon.

Name: Merlian
Age: Adult
Type: Dragon
Color: White
Gender: Female
Mother: La'lunth
Father: Carith
Siblings: Yup.
Mate: Nope.
Children: No.
From: Tir

Merlian's Egg

Merlian the Hatchling:

Merlian the Fledgling:

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