Melceys: Pack of the Firelight

Your attention is caught by several smallish creatures. They are obviously of the same species, but each is of a strikingly differnt color. One of them appears to notice your attention, and trots over.

"Greetings. We are the Pack of the Firelight." You stare at her, and she continues. "We are Melceys, and, having come to Alonnia all, we have decided to form a pack. My name is Fuen."

You smile at Fuen. "So, who are the others?" Fuen smiles back. I'll introduce you. She leads you first to a melcey with intricate green markings. "This is Tier. He's an earth melcey." Fuen rears up to greet you.

Next you are brought to a melcey who sports a blue body with dark-blue markings. "Here is Ciel, a sky melcey." Ciel also rears up to greet you, and you nod to her, admiring her graceful limbs.

Another melcey can't seem to wait to meet you. He trots over even before you're done conversing with Ciel. You note that while his coloring is somewhat similar to Ciel's, it somehow conveys an entirely different feel. "I'm a water," he announces. "Name of Aglan." He sways back and forth a bit as he looks up at you, apparently unable to hold completly still.

The final melcey appears to be a bit more reserved. She approaches, but does so with slow, almost hesitant steps. You don't mind, as it gives you more time to admire the spectacular half-moon shapes emblazoned on her navy coat. "Osida is a Darkness themed melcey." Osida nods her head at you.

"Well, that's the pack!" states Fuen cheerfully. "There is one other melcey that lives in the meadow, Withil, but we're not sure yet if she's going to join us in Firelight or choose another pack to join. Anyways, would you like to see the pack's scrapbooks?

Name: Fuen
ID: P624f
Theme: Fire
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Name: Tier
ID: P625m
Theme: Earth
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Name: Ciel
ID: P626f
Theme: Sky
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Name: Aglan
ID: P627m
Theme: Water
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Name: Osida
ID: P628f
Theme: Darkness
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild

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