Withil and Evima

You are trying to decide where next to visit in the Meadow, when suddenly a small blue creature bounds up to you.


"Alo!, Alo!" the creature says, bouncing about you. You find yourself slowly turning in a circle trying to keep your eye on him. Suddenly the creature comes to a halt. "Illk?" he says carefully.

"What's that?" you say, feeling confused.

At this the little creature heaves a mighty sigh. He looks up at you again, and you can see he's concentrating hard. "I Withil! I Melcey! I Withil the Melcey!" Slowly he forms the words.

"Good job, Withil!" Silvanon smiles down at the Melcey, who beams. "He's just barely learning our language," she then explains to you. Just then a small winged lizardish creature swoops out of the sky and lands on Silvanon's head.


"This is Evima," Silvanon explains. Evima looks at you with curiosity. "Hello, hello!" she chatters. "I am a Necco! Would you like to see the scrapbooks? There's a very nice picture of me as an egg!" You laugh at the Necco's enthusiasim and nod your assent.

Name: Withil
Age: Baby
Race: Melcey
Gender: Male
Element: Sky
Parents:Creion X Varid
Siblings: Litter 72
Id: 609m
Mate: None
Children: Nope
From: Arborwin
Name: Evima
Age: Adult
Race: Necco
Gender: Female
Parents: Raimo X Shogosh
Siblings: Clutch 11
Mate: None.
Children: ....
From: Arborwin


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