Mathin's Weyr

First Meeting

You walk up yet another rocky path, finally reaching the weyr entrance. You poke your head inside...well, the furnishings look a bit sparce at the moment, but they are neatly placed and well kept. A bit surprising that this weyr is in use, as the dragon couch carries a definate air of long dissuse. You hear a scuffing sound floating from the back bedroom. "Hello!" you call out.

"Yikes! Just a minute..." a voice floats out to you. Hum, a young man, sounds like he's around 19 or 20. You wonder what he's doing. He's definately in a hurry!

Just then he appears in the doorway. He hopes about, trying to tug on a long black boot. His curly hair clings damply to his head. You stiffle a laugh as he knocks into a chair. Is this disorganized young man really the person who keeps the weyr so neat? Ah, he's got his boot on now, and he carefully places the chair back in it's spot by the desk.

"Sorry about that," he says as he offers you a hand. "My name is Mathin."

"Hello, Mathin," you reply. "I'm just making the rounds, visiting the candidates. So, tell me a bit about yourself."

Mathin seems taken back a bit, but after a moment he starts, "Well, I'm the fifth son of a minor cotholder, not anybody you would have heard of. I'm good with runners, I like to fish streams, and I know how to direct a flamethrower crew." Mathin shrugs. "Not a terribly exciting life, but I hope to make something worthwhile of it."

"Have you got a scrapbook started yet?" you ask.

Mathin nods. "I've been told it's a good idea. It's small blue book over on the desk. You're welcome to look at it."

A Little Bit Later...

You enter Mathin's weyr again, and are met by the sight of a largish blue hatchling bearing down on you.

You hold still as he snuffs you over. Finally, apparently satisfied, he makes his way back to the dragon couch, where he settles down with a sigh. You take the opportunity to notice that while the weyr is still clean, it is no longer immaculate. Apparently the stresses of caring for a young dragon are taking their toll.

Still, Mathin, or M'thin as he's called now, is smiling hugely when he walks in a moment later. To the blue's great joy, he is bearing a tray of meat scraps. "Hello!" he greets you, before kneeling down to his dragon. He laughs. "I see you've met Gereth. Or, Bottomless Pit as I like to call him." He begins stuffing Gereth.

M'thin waves over towards the desk. "I've updated the scrapbook, if you want to see it."

A While Later...

You decide to visit M'thin and Gereth. You poke your head inside the weyr, and immediately notice how much Gereth has grown.

Gereth bugles impatiently. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" you hear M'thin call from the back recesses of the cave. He emerges, strugling to get an arm through his weyr-hide coat. He gives a small jump when he sees you in the corner. Then he laughs. "Hello!" he calls merrily. "I'm very sorry, I'd like to chat, but weyrling practice starts in just a few minutes!"

"Ah," you nod, suddenly understanding his hurry. You've never met a new dragonrider that wasn't anxious to fly. "That's okay. I'll just take a look at the scrapbook."


You are standing in the Weyr bowl, and happen to glance up towards M'thin's doorway just in time to see Gereth emerge.

"Well, he's certainly grown!" you think to yourself. "He's a full blown adult dragon now." You watch in awe as the mighty Gereth collects himself. With a powerful leap he is airborn, and after a few powerful wingbeats, goes between. Wow.

Just then Silvanon walks up. She smiles and says, "I saw you admiring Gereth. He's quite a dragon. He just participated in his first mating flight, and managed to outfly several bigger dragons. We were quite impressed. His new mate Minaseth is currently caring for the resultant clutch at the Draconia Weyr Sands."

Name: Mathin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'2"
Parents: Cotholders
Position: Younger son
Occupation: Candidate

Name: Gereth
Age: Adult
Species: Dragon
Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Looks to: Mathin
Mother: Cnelamath
Father: Rpanoth
Mate: Minaseth
Children: 14
From: Draconia.

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