A large white creature walks up to you. Feeling a bit surprised, you stare up at her regal face. "Uh, hello," you stammer.

The creatures seems to smile. "Hello. I thought I'd just come introduce myself. My name is Marithata, and I'm a Silshamyst Dragon."

"Oh, it's nice to meet you. Have you been here long?" you ask.

Marithata shrugs, "Well, I didn't hatch in the meadow, but it's my home now. I was a gift to Silvanon from Myrror. If you're interested, I've got a scrapbook over there."

Name: Marithata
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Mate: None yet
Children: Ah...
From: Myrror

Ears: {E},{e} (furry ears, recessive for spiny)
Face: F,f (Short, recessive for long)
Mane: {Ma},ma (Furry, recessive for spines)
Mane Length: Ml,Ml (Medium length)
Horns: {h},{h} (Single Horn)
Snout: S,s (Beaked, recessive for rounded)
Claws: c,c (long claws)
Body: b,b (long body)
Tailtip: t,t (has a tuft at the end of the this case, fur)
Body color {c1},{c1} (Chrome/greyscale group)
Marking color {C2),C2 (Purple/blue group, recessive red orange group)
Markings: mk,mk (stripes)
Mutation: y,y (Shows mutation--in this case the color of the stripes. It's a blend of the two color groups--purple and red)

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