You noticed a large purple...animal walking towards you. What is it? It walks closer. Leathery green wings are held over a feline but purple body, and long bright tailfeathers trail behind.

The creature reaches you and bumps your leg with his's nose. "Hi!" he says.

You stare at him. An annoyed look flashes over his face. He clears his voice and tries again. "Hi, my name is Hex'tashia." You continue to stare, and suddenly Hex'tashia laughs. "Don't know what I am, do ya. I'm a Lidraock, and I'm the first to be born here in the meadow." He says it proudly.

"Oh, a Lidraock. Of course," you say, having finally found your voice. Then you whisper to Silvanon, "Pss...what's a lidraock?"

"Part lion, part dragon, and part peacock," Silvanon whispers back.

"Oh," you form the word silently. The strange tail is suddenly explained. You turn back to Hex'tashia. "Um, sorry I was a bit rude there."

"Yes, you were rude," he says, and turns as if to go.

"Tash!" exclaims Silvanon. Hex'tashia flinches a bit, and turns back.

"Awe, I was just teasing," he says. Then he sighs. "It's okay you didn't know what I am," he tells you. "Lots of people haven't seen a lidraock before." "My scrapbook is over there, if you want to see it."

Name: Hex'tashia
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Lidraock
Mother: Sa'Janthee
Father: Glas'tock
Siblings: See the List
Mate: Extended breeding list
Children: Not at the moment
From: Lidraock Rainforest

Hex'tashia's Egg:

Hatchling Hex'tashia:

Ack! It's a teen:

Hex'tashia's genotype:

Head: l*, l* (super-recessive Lion head)
Feet: M*, D (Mixed feet, with recessive dragon gene)
Body: L, d (Lion body, recessive dragon gene)
Tail: p*, p* (super-recessive Peacock tail)
Mutation: N, y (No mutation, one gene for it)
Tuff: L, n* (Lion tuff, recessive no tuff)
Wings: D, D (Dragon wings)

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