A FlutterKat

You notice a large tree covered with climbing roses. You walk over to take a better look at one of the blooms.

honey rose

You lean forward to smell one of the roses, when you suddenly notice a large creature sitting on a branch above you. Its silky white body is feline, but there are unmistakeable wings folded on its back! It doesn't seem to have noticed you, for it is intently looking through a small telescope.

Silvanon walks over and looks up at the creature. "Garent!" she calls, "come say hello to our friend."

Garent looks up from the telescope and see you. He stands up, and walks out along the branch a few feet. Then he gracefully leaps, spreading his wings out to carry him gently to the ground. As his wings unfurl, you are started to notice that sections of them appear transparent.

"Well met, friend," says Garent, seating himself in front of you.

"Er...Hello," you reply.

Garent's expression changes slightly, and he seems to be enjoying some inner amusement. "You don't know quite what to make of me, do you. That's alright. I'm a flutterkat. I have mostly feline and butterfly blood, but I've got a bit of dragon and some other creatures thrown in as well."

"Oh," you say. "Um, so, you enjoy telescopes?"

"Yes, very much," responds Garent. "They allow me to see heavenly bodies even during the day. I'm particularly fond of seeing the moon. Would you care to take a look through my telescope?" he ends politely.

Looking through the telescope, you see the moon:

When you are done with the telescope, Silvanon hands you Garent's scrapbook.

Name: Garent
Age: Adult
Species: FlutterKat
Type: White, Special
Gender: Male
Father: N/A
Siblings: coming...
Mate: Looking...
Children: Not yet!
From: ElementKat Adoptions

Garent as a Chrysalis:

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