Holiday's Spot


You notice a truly unusual cat lying in the grass, soaking up sun. You walk over to it, and reach your hand down to pet it. It's eyes stay closed, but before your hand even touches it, the cat begins purring.

After a few moments, the cat suddenly opens its eyes and sits up. You look in the direction of its gaze, and see Silvanon coming towards you. "Ah," she says. "I see you have found Holiday. Holiday is a special kat. She's an elementkat, which already makes her special. But, she's even more special because she's a mindkat. Would you like to see her scrapbook?"

Name: Holiday
Age: Adult
Species: ElementKat
Type: Mindkat
Gender: Undecided
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Mate: Hum...
Children: Not yet!
From: ElementKat Adoptions

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