Carinya and Hakant

You look about the meadow, wondering which inhabitant to investigate next. Suddenly, the earth just in front of your feet heaves. You jump back, startled, as a cat appears out of the ground.


Or, at least it looks like a cat. It's got the same long body as a cat. But it's eyes look up at you with more intelligence than any normal animal would show. And its coat; yellow melts into green and then brown and finally red and purple. The rippling colors make a beautiful pattern. As the not-cat moves, they swirl around like a hypnotist's disk.

"Oh, there you are, Carinya!" says Silvanon as she walks up. She then turns to you and says, "This is Carinya, my ElementKat. Caryina has both the element of earth and the element of wind in her. That's how she got her incredible colors."

Carinya suddenly starts purring. Strangely, she turns and trots away, not looking back, but still purring. Confused, you stand where you are. In a few seconds, Carinya appears again. This time she is moving slowly, for she holds a small book in her mouth.

Silvanon takes it from her with a smile, and hands it to you. Opening it, you discover that it is Carinya's scrapbook.

Name: Carinya
Age: Adult
Species: ElementKat
Type: earth-wind
Gender: Female
Mother: Isis (earth)
Father: Bastet (wind)
Siblings: coming...
Mate: Hum...
Children: Not yet!
From: ElementKat Adoptions

Carinya's Egg:

ElementKat Egg
(Wasn't she a pretty egg?!?)

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