Karin's Spot


You notice a particularly still & beautiful part of the stream. A willow overhead nicely shades the water. You look down through the clear water to the sandy river-bottom. Suddenly, a large green creature swims into view. You stare at it for a long moment, and then exclaim, "Why, its a dragon!"

The dragon suddenly notices you. It turns itself to look at you. In your mind you hear very distictly, "Hello! My name is Karin."

"Hello," you say back, wondering what it sounds like to the dragon, coming through the water.

"Would you like to see my scrapbook?" ask Karin. You nod, and he swims off. A second latter he returns, carrying a book. He thrusts it up out of the water, and as you take it you can see it has been lamenated.

Name: Karin
Age: Adult
Type: Water Dragon
Gender: Male
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Siblings: Clutch 1
Mate: Nope!
Children: Huh?
From: Aquatic Dragon Adoptions

Karin the Child:


Karin the Hatchling:


Karin's egg:


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