Jim & &Brian&'s Place

This is Jim, who came to us from Hip Stick Figures. Jim is a lovable guy who is great at getting everyone in touch with their "inner child."


As you can see, Jim now has a special friend--&Brian& the Sycorax. &Brian& has been growing! He's an adult now. Isn't he pretty! &Brian& was a gift from AppleC.

&Brian& walks up to you. "I have magical powers!" he boasts. "I can make a rainbow. Wanna see?" &Brian& appears to be concentrating very hard. After a moment, a small patch of rainbow appears in the air before you.


You don't feel very impressed, but then Jim tapps you on the shoulder and points up to the sky. There above you is a beautiful triple rainbow! Underneath it, the meadow seems alive with color. You continue to stare at it, even as it begins to fade. When it is completely gone, &Brian& gasps dramatically and thumps to the ground. "That's harder than it looks!" he exlaims.

Want to see the scrapbook?

Name: &Brian&
Age: Kid
Type: Sycorax (plural Sycoran)
Gender: Male
Color: Rainbow
Mother: żAphroditeż
Father: ¤Jupiter¤
Silblings: N/A
Mate: «Terisia» *sigh* -the prettiest sycorax out there.
Children: Nope.
From: AppleC

&Brian& the Child:

Child &Brian&

&Brian& the Hatchling:

Hatchling &Brian&

&Brian&'s Egg:

sycorax egg

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