Gerlan and Jasar's Scoop

You are walking along the meadow, wondering who to visit next, when you suddenly come upon a grassy indent. Sitting in the middle of it, next to a small lean-to, is a young man. He stands up as you approach, and you notice immediately his brown hair, which looks like it hasn't been combed today. In contrast, his blue shirt and brown pants are immaculate. Next to him sits a large grey animal.

The man laughs and extends a hand to you. "Yet another wander out meeting all everybody, huh? Well, my name is Gerlan, and this is my runner, Wild'Jasar No'Run. I call her Jasar for short.

"Oh, a runner?" you say, as you shake Gerlan's hand.

He nods. "A mix between a tiger, wolf and unicorn. I impressed Jasar here."

"And you both stay here?" you ask.

Suddenly the runner speaks up. "Of course! This scoop is our home. Plus, I can jump up and run anytime I feel like it. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

"Oh, you talk!" you exclaim without thinking.

Jasar wrinkles her nose at you. "Of course I talk! It's not as fun as running, though!" She turns to Gerlan. "Ger, lets run down to the creek. Okay, okay? Let's go!"

Gerlan smiles at her. "Alright dear." He turns to you and shrugs, "Sorry, gotta go!" The two take off. Jasar quickly outdistances Gerlan, although you can see he runs very fast for a human. She notices before she gets too far ahead, though, and turns back to run circles around him. You have to smile at the sight.

You are about to go, when you notice a small book lying in the grass.

Name: Wild'Jasar No'Run
Age: Adult
Breed: Runner
Gender: Female
Looks to: Gerlan
Mother: N/A (wild)
Father: N/A (wild)
Siblings: Yup
Mate: Nope.
Children: Nope.
From: Runner Glen."

Jasar the Kit:

Jasar the Youth:

Horns: Hh (Dominant no horn, recessive horn)
Wings: WW (Dominant no wings)
Strips: Ss (Dominant no stripes, recessive stripes)
Feet: FF (Dominant normal feet)
Head: tt (Recessive wolf head)

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