Gadi's Spot

You see a large pot filled with sand sitting out in the sun. You walk over and brush away the sand to reveal a large swirled egg. Next to the bucket sits a small card. It reads:

This is my Gaza egg! It was a gift from Jekkal. It should be hatching soon!

P.S. In case you're wondering, a Gaza is a mix between a gazel and a cheatah.

A Few Days Later...

You are wandering in the meadow again, and suddenly notice that the gaza-egg bucket is gone. In it's place you see a small brownish animal.

"Meet Gadi," says Silvanon. "He's just barely hatched, so he doesn't talk much yet. He loves to be scratched, though."

You reach out a hand and gently rub Gadi's head. He gives a contented sigh, and then curls up for a nap. After a moment, you carefully tip-toe away.

A Few Weeks Later...

Something hits your back, and you stumble forward. You desperately try to keep your balance until you feel two hard hooves removed. Then you turn around, rubbing your now-sore back. There stands Gadi, looking at you with a clear gaze and a smile on his face. "I see you've been spending time with Edrei," you comment.

Gadi tosses his head and paces a bit. Then he shrugs. "It's fun," he says. Then he grins at you widely. "I'd never really hurt anyone, though. Hunting is fun, but only when people don't get hurt."

"I'm glad you feel that way," you comment.

A While Later...

There's something crouching in the long grass over there. What is it? It looks rather brown. You move cautiously to one side until the animal is in full view. Why, it's Gadi!

You watch in bemusement as he settles down a bit lower. You follow his line of sight until you can pick out his target. Ah, a purple unicorn...Truth. Truth, obviously playing along, pretends that she doesn't see Gadi. Only a quick glance now and again betrays her.

Suddenly Gadi rushes out. Truth moves almost too slow, but twists out of the way. As she goes by, her horn flicks out, and Gadi turns partly purple. He stops in disgust. "Hey, that's not fair!" he says. Truth mearly laughs. Gadi gives himself a good shake, and purple dust goes flying everywhere. By the time it settles, he's back to normal color.

Intent on the happenings, you take a step forward. Your foot hits into something. You look down and see a small scrapbook.

Name: Gadi
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Gaza
Mother: Tezi
Father: Razi
Siblings: ...
Mate: None yet!
Children: Uh...
From: Gaza

Head: G, c (Gazel head, recessive cheatah)
Ears/horns: e, e (ears)
Body: C, g (Cheatah, recessive gazel)
Feet: G, c (Gazel, recessive cheatah)
Coloration: g, g (gazel)
Tail: c, c (cheatah)
Mutation: N, y (No mutation, recessive yes)

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