In the River

You wander over to the small river that runs through the middle of the meadow. Smiling, you gaze down into it's depths. It's rather soothing, really.

A sudden flash of color startles you. You get down on your knees, not even minding the wet riverbank, and stare down into the water. It was much to big to be a trout, though now that you're looking hard you can see several trout-shapes darting about....finally you spot a large shadow floating in a pool made by the bend of the river a ways down from you. You can only just make out the darker shape hidding among the shadows of the grassy bank.

Silvanon notices your strange activity and comes to see what you're staring at. "There's something big in the river!" you whisper to her.

Silvanon smiles and nods. Yes, she's a fynnar. Her name is Mydrayan, after the ocean to the north. She's very shy around strangers, I'm afraid.

"Oh, you say, very disappointed, "I only caught a flash, but what I saw of her was beautiful. I wish I could get a better look."

"Stay here," Silvanon instructs you. "She knows me, I can usually get her to surface if there aren't strangers too close by." You nod, and Silvanon leaves you to walk down to the river bend. There she kneels and drops the tips of her fingers into the water. After a few moments, and some gentle coaxing, Midrayan leaves the overhung bank and swims to the middle of the river, rising until the tip of her nose is level with the waterline. As she does so, a small fish darts excitedly around her.


Silvanon waits until you've had a good look at Midrayan, then stands up again. The shy fynnar immediately disappears into the shadows again. Suddenly another shape appears in the water. This one is even bigger than Midrayan. And, quite unlike her, he appears to have no fear of strangers. He comes right up out of the water to look at you.

"Wow, you're really big." He laughs, and you realize that you spoke out loud. "Yes," he replies. "It's a good thing the river is deeper than it looks." He bobs his head to you, obviously a greeting. "My name is Lonetree, after the Lonetree Lake. Silvanon seems to think it fits me, she says my coloring reminds her of the territory around the lake." Lonetree blinks at you. "Have you been to see Lonetree lake?"

"Uh..." you reply, rather taken off guard. Lonetree doesn't give you time to offer more of an answer, however. "Someday I shall have to get Silvanon to take me over to see it. Well, I suppose I could make it on my own, but I'd have to take the really long route, following the Meadow river down to the Ocean, then swimming around the entire continent, up the river that runs by Dragon's Keep, and then I'd finally be at Lonetree lake. Rather a long journey to make, when you've got friends who can take you there with almost no effort at all."

Well, this fynnar is quite the chatterbox. You can't even seem to get a word in edgewise. Lonetree continues. "I suppose you're wondering why we haven't gone yet. I've been wondering that myself" (He throws a pointed look at Silvanon.) "But, of course, one must have patience. Silvanon is a very important and very busy person, you know..."

Silvanon rolls her eyes, and turns to you. "Would you like to meet our other fynnar?" You grin and nod. Silvanon lightly lays a hand on you, and suddenly the world shifts and hazes. When everything settles down again, you see that you are no longer in the meadow. Instead, the land streches out flat all around you, and everything is covered in snow. Beside you runs another stream, this one frosty-edged. "Gallegos!" Silvanon calls out, and almost instantely a white head pokes up out of the water.

"Gallegos is an artic Fynnar," Silvanon explains. "He likes the cold, so I brought him hear to live."

Gallegos nods to you, then smiles up at Silvanon. "I enjoy the cold, but I think perhaps your guest does not," he says. He must have noticed you starting to shiver.

Silvanon glances at you and nods. "We were just stopping in to say hello. I'll be back later on to chat more." Gallegos nods. "Tell the others I'll come to visit soon. Give them my regards." A few moments more, and you find yourself back in the meadow. Thank goodness! That was a mite bit too cold for your tastes! As you are trying to get back the feeling in your fingers, Silvanon lets you look at the Fynnars' scrapbooks.

Name: Midrayan
Age: Foal
Gender: Female
Race: Fynnar
ID: 22
Mother: Iridum
Father: Nubium
Siblings: Waiora, Epirus, ???.
Mate: Um...
Children: Um....
Pet: Mir the Fish
From: The Wood of 1000 Lakes

Genes and Inheritance
Horn: HH
Ears: EE
Neck: Nn
Legs: L!d
Tail: Tt
Notes: New type of leg fin.
If continued in her offspring,
it will count as a new trait
and not a mutation. She has
inherited the same shy
disposition as her mother.

Midrayan's Egg

Baby Midrayan

Little Mir

Name: Lonetree
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Race: Fynnar
ID: ??
Mother: Wild
Father: Wild
Siblings: ???
Mate: Not yet.
Children: Um....
From: The Wood of 1000 Lakes

Genes and Inheritance
Horn: HH
Ears: ee
Neck: xn
Legs: Ld
Tail: TM
Notes: A new type of neck-fin! :O

Name: Gallegos
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Race: Fynnar
ID: 46M
Mother: Wild Artic
Father: Wild Artic
Siblings: ???
Mate: Not yet.
Children: Um....
From: The Wood of 1000 Lakes

Horn: Hh
Ears: ee
Neck: Xx
Legs: dl
Tail: ST
Notes: He's one of the very first Arctic Fynnar.
They prefer lakes that are frozen over for at least
part of the year (they live right under the ice,
no problem), and as you see they are even equipped
with saw-like horns so that they can make holes into
and out of a frozen lake. They also have considerably
more body hair than normal Fynnar, including a fuzzy
mane, big feet tufts, and a fuzzy tail. The fins are
still there, just more hidden. :)

They tend to be mostly white to blend in with their
wintery surroundings, and their markings are almost
always cool colors like blues and purples. The mane
and tail fur is usually a natural horse color, like
brown or gray.

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