Over the next hill, you find a large equine. She prances up to you, ruffling her purple-tipped wings as she goes.

"Hello! My name is Sunset Summoning Misty Evening! You can call me Misty for short, if you like. Do you want to see my scrapbook?"

Name: Sunset Summoning Misty Evening
ID: Ff33
Gender: female
Parents: s1 x m2

Head: HH, WW
Eyes: BP
Mane: H*H*, Ss*, LT
Wings: Yn, Ts, WW-CC
Antlers: Ad
Tail: L*d, tt, WW-LW
Feet: Dh, NNdd
Markings: pp, S*S*, R*f*, Eu, Ld, WW
Color: RW
Mutation: N*yn*

From: The Nameless Forest

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