A Cosy Place

You notice a small knoll just inside the forest. You go to investigate, and are just about there, when something jumps out at you. Startled, you jump back. As you land, you see another similar creature calmly walking out from behind a tree.

The creatures stand there, looking at you. Their coats are so vibrant, you can't imagine how they managed to hide so well among the trees. "You just about gave me a heart attack!" you say.

"It's intelligent," comments one of them, seeming surprised.

"Hush," says the other. "Don't offend it." She bows to you. "My name is Araline, and this silly winged one is Araman."

Araman seems to have recovered from his surprise, and is now making an effort to be polite. "Would you like to see our scrapbook?"

Name - Araman
Gender - Male
Parents - Wild
From: DW

Horns - L, c' (Long horns, recessive curved gene)
Tail - f, m* (Fox tail, hidden mutation gene)
Fore feet - d, h' (Dragon claws, recessive hoof gene)
Hind feet - d, d (Dragon claws)
Spikes - N, N (No spikes)
Coat - P, s (Coat with coloured 'points', recessive stripe gene)
Wings - f,f (Feathered wings)

Name: Araline
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
From: DW

Horns: sl', r'' (Slightly curved horns, recessive 'ram' horns gene)
Tail: T', g' (Tufted tail with recessive goat tail gene)
Fore feet: P, d (Paws with recessive dragon gene)
Hind feet: P, m* (Paws with idden mutation gene)
Coat: m*, m* (Mutation coat - tricolour blending and birth tattoos)
Spikes: y, y (Has spikes)
Wings: N, f (No wings, recessive feathered wings)

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