You see something moving in the shadows, under the trees at the edge of the meadow. It's rather large, and mostly white, but you can't quite make out the shape. Curious, you move closer. Your movement seems to attract the creature's attention. It stands looking in your direction, repeating a weird swaying movement to the left.

Finally you come close enough to make out the creature's reptilian shape. You realize that part of your trouble making it out before was due to the stripes running along its legs, tail and muzzle. It squints at you, and you make another realization--it can't see you very well.

Gamut's Quiet

Name: Gamut's Quiet
Species: Feoraptor
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Genetics: EE::TT::gg::HH::mm
Shriek: Crimson Swirl
From: FlyingPanther Productions

Notes: He is actually an albino >.> the markings you see on him are actually tattoos that he recieved from his parents. The reason for this is because the feoraptors in that shriek and in some neighboring shrieks tattoo their young before sending them off into the world for them always to remember their shriek. Feoraptors tend to do crazy things for their young to remember them, because the odds are they will never see eachother again. His tattoos can be translated as...he gets in alot of fights (red stripes) or warning...and he has very bad eyes (black eye marking) the color black meaning bad. And that he does, though he can be rather calm if someone says an ill word to him he will fight you. Also if you sneak up on him with his bad eyes he gets cranky to. Obviously he can't see very well, and in fact, he might be going blind, but this is not for sure. He tends to stay in the shadows as much as he can, this is because his hide is easily sunburned.

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