A movement on a nearby grassy hill catches your attention. Something white and fluffy is swishing back and forth. Curious, you approach the object to see what it is. The movement reminds you of something, and after a moment you realize it looks like a cat's tail. As you get closer, a head lifts up out of the grass, and it too looks feline, but, not quite. Something about the muzzle looks a little goat-like, and then there's the horn. She smiles at you and gracefully stands up. As she does so, you see for the first time that she has cloven hooves. Definately some sort of feline-ungulate mix, you decide.

Amalthia the Felishorn

"Hello, stranger," the creature nods to you in a friendly fashion. "I am Amalthia, named after the unicorn in The Last Unicorn. Silvanon says I remind her of that movie." Here Amalthia cocks her head as if puzzled. "Although I am not sure quite what a 'movie' is. But Silvanon says she likes it, so I guess I'm flattered." You find yourself at a loss how to explain to Amalthia just what a movie is, so instead you ask her what she is. "I'm a Felishorn, the breed Felimantia, to be specific," she replies. You nod, and then you're both silent for a moment. Finally Amalthia speaks again. "Was there anything you were wanting?"

"Oh, no," you reply. "I'm just visiting the creatures here." You give her a polite bow. "It was nice to meet you!"

"The pleasure is all mine," replies Amalthia.

Name: Amalthia
ID: 134
Gender: Female
Species: Felishorn
Breed: Felimantia
Parents: unknown
From: Felishorns
Felishorns are adopted out at Pony Island.

Notes: Custom, based on The Last Unicorn. Passable traits: Blue dapple blanket, purple star.

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