Into the Trees

You decide to follow the meadow's stream as it winds out of clearing and into the trees. The water bables pleasantly as you carefully make your way into the forest. There's no path to follow except the water itself, so it's rather slow going, climbing over rocks and tree roots. But, the shade is pleasant, and you enjoy looking at the moss, ferns, and numerous other plants sprouting up around the banks of the stream. After awhile you come upon a small opening in the trees. It's small, and mostly shaded by the long boughs high overhead.

Silvanon comes up behind you, and for the first time you realize that she's been following you. "Ssshhhh! This is where my Felcan lives," she smiles. You wonder for a moment what a Felcan is, but then you spot it.

You are immediately impressed by her beauty. As you watch, she rises to her feet. She nods to you courteously, and you are glad to see she is very aware of her long horn and what it's doing. If she were not so poised, perhaps the horn would look strange. As is, its slender length seems to fit her grace.

"Welcome to my home," she greets you. "My name is Eyaman Isif, but you may call me Eya. I am surprised that you have found me. Most choose to live in the meadow, but my kind are carnivores, and I did not wish to cause Silvanon grief." Eya swishes her long tail and smiles a bit.

"Oh, uh, you're a carnivore?" you stammer, suddenly seeing Eya's grace in a new light.

Eya laughs and her smile widens. "Do not worry, stranger. Silvanon provides me with the food I need, so I am not hungry. Besides, I believe it would be considered rude to eat a guest."

Her words aren't completely comforting, but you are still curious about Eya. "Do you have a scrapbook I can see?"

"Of course."

Name: Eyaman Isif
Meaning: Magic Snowflake
Species: Felcan
Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Rank: Loner
Parents: Unknown
Children: None
From: The Nameless Forest

Head: Fc (Feline, canine)
Ears: tt/LL (Feline tuffed, Large)
Mane: ls (Lion, short)
Horns: A#NN (Animal, none)
Wings: NN (None)
Front Legs: FF (Feline)
Back Legs: FF (Feline)
Tail: A#Wd (Animal, Wolf, dog)
Coat Type: td (Tiger, dog)
Snow Coat: Sf (Snow, faded)
Animal: MH/MR (Unicorn, rabbit)

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