A Fei'daqq mare and a mini Fei'daqq mare...so cute!

Salir'beotynzt Salir'beotynzt

Name: Salir'beotynzt
Meaning: Ocean Masked
Species: Mini Fei'daqq
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Chatqui: Rain and Mist
Herd: --
From: The Forest of Enitoatque
Name: Oendioyr^Erothe
Meaning: Healer's Flame
Species: Fei'daqq
Gender: Mare
Parents: Naanoral'koyalasyr X Dezta'Liinqua
Birth Herd: Foriie'tw'Koyalasxz
Chatqui: Woven and Sun
Herd: --
From: The Forest of Enitoatque

Notes: A natural healer - she can heal any non-life threatening wound by touch. She has an innate sense of salves and healing herbs to help cure diseases and more life-threatening wounds (If the injury is too severe, though, she cannot heal it.)

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