Fall of Innocence

"Wynd of Mage, Warborn....," the wind whispers it, a faint calling echo. The wind comes again, and an equine comes into being before you.... At first glance, her eyes are bright and innocent. At second glance, they are full of hidden knowledge, rippling deep below the surface. Innocence fallen...

Name: Fall of Innocence
Gender: Mare
Father: Nebula Be Shining, Undead (JadeEye has him)
Mother: Deceased
Type: Wynd of Mage, Warborn.

Notes and History: Fall of Innocence was the first Wynd of Mage born, this makes her hundreds of years old. Her power is spirit-based, and her being Warborn (having a Wynd of War as a parent and being born Mage instead of Change--or Chaos) makes her more powerful than a normal MageWynd--you'll note the cloven hoof on her 'mage leg' (the different colored one) and the mixed wings. This power makes her mostly immortal --she can die, but she'll be returned to her body in no more than 24 hours--and she can bring back the dead, to a point. Within three days, the dead is brought back. Within six days, the dead is brought back as an Undead. After the seventh day, she cannot bring the dead back to life.

The Company she was born into and the Company she had found her mate in have long since gone on, leaving her alone, mostly. When she found out her father was still around, and had moved to a totally new realm, she decided to go out and find a new realm of her own.

She'll still be able to mate, but she'll be picky--rarely do Wynds choose new dynces and Companies.

Her coat is also a slight mutation--faded nebula, she gets the nebula coat pattern from her father. She's immune to death and water magics because of this.

From: Everrealm

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