Dragon Rose

You notice an arabian mare galloping about the meadow. As you watch, the bay swings wide and gallops towards you. To your alarm, she shows no signs of stopping as she closes in. You stand frozen to the spot, and at the last minute she slids to a halt. Her nose is quickly inserted under your fingers, and she begins bumping your hand until you, still bemused, start scratching.

Silvanon smiles as she walks over. "I see you've met Dragon Rose," she says. "She's a pure Egyptian Arabian, a gift from Raven. We call her Rosie for short." Rosie decides she needs some attention from Silvanon, and moves away from you.

"She's beautiful," you say, having now recovered from your scare.

Silvanon grins and nods. "We've got a scrapbook over there, if you'd like to see it," she says.

Name: Dragon Rose
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Color: Bay
Markings: Star
Mother: Desert Rose
Father: Dragon Prince
Siblings: N/A
Mate: None
Children: Uh...
From: Rivanara Acres.

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