A Spot for Dragons

You notice one area of the Meadow has several beautiful animals, mostly dragons. You walk over to get a better look. The first dragon you reach is a beautiful pink with lavendar highlights. She flies gracefully over your head, then pauses for a moment to get a good look at you. "This is Lilac," says your guide.

Just then another dragon flies by. This one is so absorbed in flying that he doesn't even look at you. Still, you manage to get a good look at him. He's a brilliant red, with black highlights. His hide gleams in the sunlight. "That's Glimson," your guide tells you.

After a few more minuets of walking you come upon a young blue dragon lying in the grass. He is fast asleep. Every so often, one toe twitches, but the dragon doesn't awake. "Makkin," your guide tells you in a whisper.

Just then a golden griffen walks out from behind a bush. You jump in surprise, and are almost afraid. Until you see the kindly look in her eyes, that is. You are surprised again when the griffen suddenly starts talking. "Hello. My name is Bethany. Would you like to meet my charge?"

You nod your head, and Bethany immediately turns and beckons for you to follow. You do so, and soon find yourself faced with an immensely cute winged kitten. The little grey is very carefully stalking a wind-blown dandelion. With a sudden yowl, the kitten leaps up and pounches on the flower. Then he becomes aware of you, and looks abashed. Bethany turns to you and says, "This is my charge, Leckan."

"So," you ask Bethany, "where are you from?"

"Oh," replies Bethany. "All of us in this part of the meadow are from Dixey's Downloadable Dragons."

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