Devon & Seerath's Weyr

You enter a large cave, which seems to lead back into other, smaller caves. Looking around, you see the signs of habitation. There's a rug on the floor, a desk covered in papers and bottles, and a few chairs over in one corner. Most of the cave, though, is taken up by a large stone couch. Most of the stone couch is taken up by a large blue dragon. No one else seems to be here. "I wonder where Devon got to?" says your guide.


You hear the russle of feet behind you, and turn in time to see a young man enter the cave. He has on a red shirt and brown pants. DevonHis brown hair seems a bit messy, but his green eyes look at you with intelligence. "Seerath!" he says to the dragon, "why didn't you tell me we had company?"

Seerath looks at Devon quizically, and annouces, "You didn't tell me you wanted to know."

Devon laughs and extends a hand to you. "Welcome to our weyr." He motions you towards the chairs in the corner. "Would you like to sit for a while?" You happily agree. As you take a chair, you notice an important looking book lying on the desk. Devon sees you looking at it and says, "That's Seerath's scrapbook. You are welcome to look through it."

Name: Seerath
Age: Adult
Breed: Dragon
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Rider: Devon
Mother: Riveth
Father: N/A
Siblings: Yup, 27.
Mate: Not yet...
Children: Nope.
From: Riveth's Weyr

Seerath as a weyrling:

Weryling Seerath

Seerath as a dragonet:

Dragonet Seerath

Seerath as a Hatchling:

Hatchling Seerath!

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