D'rek's Weyr

You enter yet another weyr. It's a large, spacious place, with good lighting and a comfortable atmosphere. You suppose it's a good thing that the weyr is so large, because there's a positively huge brown dragon in it.

Wow, he's rather intimidating. You begin to wish there was another human around. The brown dragon suddenly lifts his head and lets out an echoing call. You jump nearly a foot! With a pounding heart you begin to edge towards the door.

"Oh, hold on, hold on!" Someone calls out. "Don't let Sekaenath scare you, he doesn't bite. I am coming!" You turn and see a young man emerging from the back of the weyr. He looks to be about 20 years old. He has cloudy grey eyes, dirty-blond hair, and is wearing a fuzzy brown sweater. He holds out a hand to you and says, "Hi, my name is D'rek. Sekaenath here looks to me." He jestures towards the dragon. Just then a small blue firelizard swoops in. He makes a few fast passes over your head before settling on D'rek's shoulder.


D'rek laughs. "And little Bekk looks to me also." Bekk gives an offended chirp at hearing himself refered to as little. You get the impression he would gladly take on Sekaenath any day.

At this point Sekaenath lumbers over and nudges D'rek in the back. He grins and turns towards you. "Seka wants me to tell you about our recent advancement....I'm wingsecond in F'rin's wing." D'rek shows you his wingsecond badge.

"Congratulations," you say. "So, how are you and your sister Mircan getting along these days?"

Derek scuffs a boot in the dirt. "Well, I thought she might be jealous when I impressed both Bekk and Seka before she got anything, but really she's taking it well. She does love to tease me, though." Derek shakes his head and grins. "Half the time she tells me that I'm not giving Seka enough attention, and the other half she says I'm spoiling him!"

You smile and nod. That sounds like Mircan. "Well," you say, "I'd better be going. It's been good to see you!"

"Thanks for stopping by."

Sekaenath is from Chairoth Weyr.
Bekk is from Strawberry Weyr.

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