Demmi, Hylak & Meirry's Place

This is the bronze fire lizard Demmi, who came to us from Adopt a Fire-Lizard.
He enjoys swooping at the other apdoptlings and teasing the unicorns. Demmi especially enjoys hidding things from Brinith's collection.

Here is Hylak. He's the only brown in the meadow fair at the moment. I'm afraid he's very smug about it, too. I suppose such a pretty flit does have at least a little to be smug about, but Deedi still likes to get on his case. Hylak is from Dawn Sisters Weyr.

Here's Hylak as a baby:

Oh, there is Meirry just over there. Meirry is the only green in the meadow, but she's not stuck up about it.

Meirry is from Naronis Weyr. Meirry likes to spend her time alternating between sunbathing and swimming.

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