Crystal Unicorns

You come upon a fantastically colored trio of Crystal Unicorns...

Cinnanin'Akie Rishna'ryanian Aalan

Name: Cinnanin'Akie
Meaning: Berry River
ID: 694
Gender: Female
Parents: 167 x 302
Birth Band: Warhmt'devna
Current Band: --
From: ShatterStars
Name: Rishna'ryanian
Meaning: Phoenix Rain
ID: 695
Gender: Male
Parents: 437 x 626
Birth Band: Aneg'Tolkai
Current Band: Duin'Blyss
From: ShatterStars
Name: Aalan
Meaning: Truth
ID: 711
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Current Band: Wild
From: ShatterStars

Notes: Redraw of Truth

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