Crystal Unicorns

You continue your wanderings, and eventually the sun beings to set. You watch from a grassy knoll as it slowly and grandly paints the sky in vivid reds and pinks. Finally it disappears below the horizon, and the colors follow it, draining bit by bit from the sky, leaving darkness in their wake. You continue watching the sky, darken from grey to black. Then, one by one, stars appear, twinkling bright and merry in the surrounding obscurity. The moon rises up, large and full, and once again you can see the grass around your feet. You spare it only a quick glance at first, but look again more closely when you realize that flowers are springing up around you. The delicate stems and leaves appear blue in the darkness, only showing their true green color where the moonlight falls. Red petals bob gently at you, moved by the night breeze.

As you stare at the beauty around you, a you feel a sudden wind at your back. You turn in time to see some fantastic beast, decorrated as if he were part of the flowered night, fly down on moonlight wings. It touches the hill-top briefly, just long enough to take two running strides in the grass, before it's momentum has carried it past you and into the sky again.


Name: Zzalasah
Meaning: Midnight Splendor
ID: 632
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Current Band: Zteky'casen
From: ShatterStars

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