Two voices float over the wind towards you. "Hey, look at that!" says the first voice. A second, slightly higher pitched voice responds, "What, I don't see anything! You're just trying to make me look, Kiro." Kiro promptly answers back, "No I'm not, Allel. I really saw something. Why don't you believe me?"

There's a long, scathing pause. Finally Kiro speaks again. "Alright, alright, so I didn't really see anything. But I might have! You could at least have believed me." Cheerful now that he's won the argument, Allel replies, "Well, maybe I'll believe you next time. Come on, let's go find some rocks to skip across the river."

Names: Kiro (the blonde) and Allel
IDs: Barcode 06, barcode 07
Species: Chibis
From: Chibi Rabu

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