Chrysalis Faery


You notice a small, pretty faery sitting in one of the nearby trees. You walk over and very softly say, "Hi!"

"Oh!" says the faery in a bell-voice, and she flutters off her leaf in surprise. She hovers in front of you for a brief second before rushing up to hide in the tree leaves.

Silvanon walks over and addresses the tree leaves. "Is my friend here bothering you, Rebecca?" The leaves shake a bit, and Rebecca's face appears, peeking out from behind one. "It's okay, Becca. Come down and say hello, and then we'll let you get back to your tree tending."

Becca makes a dainty flight down to the palm of your hand. "Hello," she says, and gives you a small bow. She flashes a smile towards Silvanon, and then returns to the tree. You watch her move from leaf to leaf for a moment.

"She's still not quite used to all the strangers we get around here," Silvanon explains with a smile.

Becca's chrysalis:


Becca was born on Dec. 16, 1998

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