Brinith, Philemon & Glacia's Place

Philemon Glacia Brinith

You notice three creatures sitting in a cluster around a pile of glittering objects. You are about to approach them, but Silvanon warns you away.

"Those three tend to be quite protective of their 'hoard.' It's best if you don't approach them. I'll tell you about them from here. Brinith, the black on on the right, is from Cyber Dragon's Roost. Brinith is one of the worst packrats I know. Philemon is the white fairy-dragon on the left, and Glacia is the purple one in the middle. They're both from Prismatic Falls. They're rather new to the meadow, so their hoards aren't as big as Briniths. Somehow he convinced them to pool their stuff with his. They spend all day looking at it. I don't see what the facination is."

You move around until you get a good look at the things in the pile.

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