Brek's Weyr

You walk up a narrow stone walkway and into the gaping doorway of a weyr. Inside, you wait for your eyes to adjust, and then take a quick look around. You see the normal paraphenillia--dragon couch, shelves with cloths & oil, writting desk. But, you don't see sings of any humans or dragons. There is a smaller doorway at the back of the cave, though.

You go through the smaller doorway, and see that it leads to a smaller chamber, which is outfitted as a human bedroom. A young man sits in a chair of to your left, reading a book.

He glances up as you come in, and says "Hello, I'm Brek." He smiles at you quietly. "If you're looking for a dragon, there's not one living here yet. I'm only a candidate."

You didn't see any eggs around anywhere, and you know that it is often a custom in these parts for people to be candidates at weyrs they don't live at. So, you ask, "Where are you a candidate?"

"At Sha-Haven Sands," he replies.

Brek seems nice, and you'd like to keep talking with him, but it's obvious that he wants to get back to his book. "Well, good luck!" you tell him, and quietly exit the weyr.

A Little While Later...

You decide to visit Brek again. As you walk into the weyr, you note the strident tones of a hungry young dragon. Brek's voice makes quite a contrast with it. He is seated next to a hatchling blue, and is industriously feeding it. You notice a small green flit cradled in his free arm.

"Hello!" you call out.

Brek looks up at you and smiles. "Hello! Meet Anjeth," Brek gestures towards his dragon, "and Greenbie, my flit."

"Congratulations, Anjeth look like a fine beast," you say, then smile, "and Greenbie is very cute."

Time passes...

You make your way back up to Brek's weyr, and are met at the door by a much-grown Anjeth.

"Well, hello!" you say.

"Long time, no see," replies a voice. You do a double-take-- dragons don't talk out loud! You feel silly when Brek steps out from behind Anjeth. "I'm afraid I'm not able to stay and chat, though," he continues. "Anjeth and I have weyrling practic now. Sorry!"

Brek vaults onto Anjeth's back, and the two take off. Oh well. You decide to at least take a peek at the scrapbook before you go.

Name: Anjeth
Age: Weyrling ?
Color: Blue
Rider: Brek
Mate: Nope
Children: Uh...
From: Sha-Haven Sands Name: Greenbie
Age: Hatchling
Color: Green
Looks to: Brek
Mate: Nope
Children: Uh...
From: Sha-Haven Sands

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