Azama Spirit

You are walking through the trees. It's evening and fairly dark here under the forest canopy. You hear a small rustle to your right, and turn, expecting to perhaps catch sight of some small animal. Instead, something quite large and moonlight silver leaps out of the bush. You just have time to notice glowing blue markings around the creature's face before she disappears from view again.


You pause to wonder how something so light colored could blend in so well with the forest as to disappear so quickly from view. Somehow you get the feeling she can still see you, and is quietly laughing at your consternation. Hum, actually, there's a pair of disturbing yellow eyes watching you from that bush over there. Disconcerted, you decide to move on. This doesn't seem to please the owners of the yellow eyes. She slips out onto the path and stares at you. She almost seems to smile, but with a look that says that if she decides to play tricks, you won't get off easily. She moves on, leaving you feeling a bit shaken.


Name: Manat
Species: Azama Spirit
Gender: Female
Birth Pack: Unknown
Parents: Wild
Current Pack: Pack of the Silent Eidolons
Chosen Path: None Yet
From: Battle Prides

Notes:Silver-gray fur with black, white and blue marks. Her eyes are a pale pink, and the markings above her eyes a dark blue. The star mark on her forehead is natural, just of a rare coloration which isn't often seen. In the dark these blue markings will actually glow, but in normal daylight they have no glowy properties. She has two darker stripes on both ears.

Manat is a gentle, sometimes playful, adult Azama Spirit. She grew up in the Homeland, so her respect for nature and the natural order of things is relatively high. While staying in the Homeland during her first weeks of adulthood Manat actually witnessed the birth of several Tree Spirits from the Hollow Wood, a large tree where the white Tree Spirits are given life. This is something not often witnessed by anyone, and it's said to be a blessing upon the watcher's soul. Basically this means that Manat's soul has been blessed by Tree Spirits to the point where she is almost the embodient of everything that is pure.

Like all adult Azama Spirits she has complete control over earth, meaning she can revive plants, grow plants, cause the ground to tremble lightly or violently, as well as she can bring trees to life and create 'ents' which can fight beside her if the need arises. She can also remove Earth Spirits from trees, and other plants to absorb, if she's wounded and desperately needs healing.

She has no unique powers connected to her Earth Spirit just yet, but in time she might come to gain some.

Name: Liluri
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pack: Wild/Unknown
Current Pack: Pack of the Silent Eidolons
Path: None
From: Battle Prides

Notes: Liluri was born in the Azama Spirit Homeland, and grew up near the Spirit-Touched Mountains. She's an excellent hunter, and can stand any amount of cold. Both of her eyes are yellow, a rarity in Azama Spirits as the color yellow usually means a connection to the one of the Old Spirits, either a descendant of one, or one who has been blessed by them. She has perfect nightvision.

Her fur is white with both black and silver marks. She wears two earrings in her left ear, while none in the other. She's got a touch of blue on her tailtip.

Her power over the Earth Spirit within herself allows her to grow, revive, and manipulate plants fully. She could also be destructive with her powers, causing massive earthquakes or areas of earth to collapse in seconds. She can also summon Earth Spirits in to the conscious world within plants, thus bringing trees to life in the form of 'ents'.

She has no unique powers connected to her Earth Spirit just yet, but with time she may come to gain some.

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