A Small Garden

A white picket fence encloses a small garden just on the edge of the Orchard, right next to a greenhouse. A sign on the gate states "Mini A'savin." Peering over the fence, you see a wide variety of flowers and plants growing in neat plots. You find yourself staring at a strange plant. What in the world is it? Suddenly you realize that it's not a plant at all, but a very small winged equine who's trying to hide from you.

Love's Innocence


Name: Love's Innocence
Species: Miniature A'savin.
Gender: Stallion

Other Notes: Happy Valentines Day! He's a shy little guy who often finds shelter from others underneath the feathers of his wings. He not only has a rare wing trait, but he also has a rare tail type! :D He has a short mane.

From: Bumblebear Graphics

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