Seahorses: Aqe'sariens

You walk along a sandy beach, happily exploring the coastline. Before long, you run across a stream emptying itself into the sea. On a whim, you decide to follow the stream inland. You begin to notice that while the stream is narrow, it's very deep. Kneeling down on the inside bend of the stream, you peer down into the water, trying to ascertain it's depth. Ah! The water has carved out the dirt underneath, so that the bank actually overhangs the water quite a bit. In the quiet depths of the dark water, you catch a flash of vibrant color.

Lucky Sword

Name: Idon'Freian
Meaning: Lucky Sword
Species: Aqe'sarien
ID: 024
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Pod: Unknown
Current Pod: Idon'Sevchin
Based on: Bottom Swordtail Guppy
From: ShatterStars

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