Seahorses: Aqe'sariens

Waves lap against the beach as you wiggle your toes in the sand just beyond the water's reach. A shrill whinny reaches your ears, but it seems to be coming from the direction of the ocean rather than the land. Currious, you peer out over the waters, and catch a glimps of a curiously marked equine head. It disappears behind a wave, but you watch, certain that the horse will be swimming towards the shore. You only realize your mistake when the gracefull, finned body leaps momentarily out of the water in a smooth arc.

Impersonating Angels

Stunned, you make your way out into the water. You hardly even realize it when your feet leave the ocean floor and you start swimming. You need another look at that creature. But it's not the strange equine you saw before that you finally meet with. Another head, green this time, pops out of the water. She looks at you, and while her eyes are kind, you are somehow reminded of eagle's eyes...hunting eyes. She dives back into the water, her tail brushing against you as she does so. You are amazed at the heat you feel radiating off her body.

Hunter's Fire

Name: Heiinbt'Kwentie
Meaning: Impersonating Angels
Species: Aqe'sarien
ID: 005
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Pod: Unknown
Current Pod: Idon'Sevchin
Based on: Imperator (Angelfish)
From: ShatterStars

Note: Tail shape is a mutation.

Name: Xera's'zren
Meaning: Hunter's Fire
Species: Aqe'sarien
ID: 011
Gender: Mare
Parents: E x B
Birth Pod: Lorien'tas
Current Pod: Idon'Sevchin
Based on: Unknown
From: ShatterStars

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