Ansladath, Popcorn and Snowbound

You notice a rather strange sight: a red maned drigus, wings extended, playing with two puppies. One is a yellow-spotted white puppy, and the other is pure white. The three bounce around, the drigus entirely dwarfing the puppies, all having a great time. You watch in amusment as time and again the puppies elude the drigus by running between it's long legs. Finally the pups seem to have had enough, and flops down for a nap.

The drigus gives herself a shake, and finally seems to notice you watching. "Oh, hello!" she says. "My name is Ansladath, and these are my charges, Popcorn and Snowbound." She indicates the now-snoring puppies.

"So where are you all from?" you ask.

"Ah, well, I was a gift to Silvanon from TalonsHawk, Popcorn was a gift from Aurora, and Snowbound was a gift from Helaine. They both came from Jaysen's Holiday Puppy gift center."

"Wow, that's cool," you reply. "So, do you like it here?"

"Oh yes! Very much," Ansladath grins at you. At this point Popcorn and Snowbound wake up again. "Oops, gotta go!" she says, and the three begin their game anew.

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