You decide to take a moment's break, and sit down under the shade of a handy tree. You lean back and close your eyes. Your rest is interrupted, however, when something bumps into your hand. You look down in surprise, and see a tiny white mare.


"Well, hello!" you say, delighted.

The mare bobs her head. "Hello. I'm Prionos."

"You're a prionos?" you ask. The mare laughs, a small but cheerful sound.

"No, I'm an Amazon. My name is Prionos; it means morning."

"Oh," you reply, feeling slightly foolish.

"That's alright," Prionos smiles up at you, (well, really she just sort of bunches her cheeks up, but it's obviously meant to be a smile.) "Would you mind picking me some of the clover blosoms on your left there," she pleads. "Right there grow the best clover in all the meadow!" You obligingly pluck a few blosoms, and Prionos contently munches on them. After a bit, she pauses and says, "Would you like to see my scrapbook?"

Name: Prionos
Translation: Morning
Herd Status: (o) Agrios Zoi
Lineage: Thyella x Synnefo
Gender: Mare
ID: 041F
Colour: Grey self
From: Chamenos

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