You notice an interesting creature standing under the shade of a nearby tree. It looks a bit equinish, or maybe caninish. She has pretty spots and interesting leg decorations. You approach, and she looks at you over her shoulder. Her look seems friendly enough on the surface, yet there's something in it that puts you on your guard.

"Hello!" she calls out. "My name is Arianaii'k'Jhaliva. And of course you won't know what I am, so I'll tell you. I'm a Jacenalli."

You blink, taken back by her tone. You open your mouth to respond, but she begins talking again before you can say anything. "You don't need to tell me your name, I already know it."

You stand there with your mouth open. You get the distinct feeling that this creature is making fun of you. "How?" you finally manage to sputter.

"I'm telepathic," she says, and with a swagger she turns and begins to walk off. "My scrapbook is over there, if you want to have a look."

Name: Arianaii'k'Jhaliva (AJ for short)
Species: Jacenalli
Age: Youth
Gender: Female
Parents: lineage unknown
Characteristics: Golden, Deerspotted, Finns, blue eyes, lightning element
Personality: sarcastic/mocking
Powers: telepathy, empathy
From: Forgotten Muse

Arianaii'k'Jhaliva was a gift from Forgotten Muse. Many thanks Forgotten Muse!

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