Abefae: Colony of Tilivia Dancing

You have been walking through the forest for awhile now. Finally, you see the light of trees ending ahead. You break through the tall forest trees to find yourself in a familiar place--the Keeper's Orchard. Just to your right is a structure you've never noticed before. You approach it, and realize that it's a glass greenhouse. You wonder at it: you haven't felt cold at all here. A sign on the door says "Abefae Greenhouse." With a strug of your shoulders, you enter in the door. There's a space only big enough to stand in, then another doorway. Entering through this door, you find yourself in an atmosphere noticibly more humid than outside. The whole greenhouse is covered in strange plants, many bearing fruit, and many more in blossom.

In the center of the greenhouse you find a large tree. Within its branches you can see what looks like an oversized beehive. But, the creatures entering and exiting it are not bees...they must be abefae.

Imin Tran Aicia
Killian Thayri Argentina
Randi Aluvi

A List of Colony Members

Name: Tilivia (ab30)

Name: Aicia (ab28) --ressesive lop gene

Name: Tran (ab26)
Name: Thayri (ab29)
Name: Aluvi (ab27)

Name: Killian (bp9)
Name: Randi (bp10)
Name: Deen (bp12)
Name: Argentina (bp13)
Name: Imin (bp28)

Colony Children

Avaab44Argentina (bp13) x Tran (ab26)Silvanon
Dinyaab45Killian (bp9) x Aicia (ab28)Silvanon
Chadelab46Thayri (ab29) x Tilivia (ab30)Silvanon

Abefae are From: Abefae Gardens

Abefae from this Dive are all open breeding: Anyone may request a breeding. If you get a baby from this dive, please notify Silvanon so that it may be added to the Offspring list.

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